As the New Year Begins…

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The Vanderburg Family

As we are nearing the three year mark with our new daughters I can’t help but stand back and look in wonder at all that God has done in our lives. He has made us a family. At times it has been hard but God has truly done an amazing work. As we start this new year I want to be the best mom that I can be. I want to try a little harder, love a little more, give a little more and watch God at work. He is so good. Happy New Year to you all!!!


Jessica Turns 17!

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On October 1st Jessica turned 17. It is so hard to believe that she has lived with us for almost two years. The time is going by so fast. She has made remarkable progress in all areas. Her English is beautiful with the most darling accent. She has a very sweet personality and everyone loves her. She is in 10th grade at our local high school and she is giving it her all. I have to say, my hat is off to her. She is so helpful around the house, which I really appreciate. She has started babysitting for some families at church and they are so happy with her work. The best part of all though, is that she has surrendered her heart to God and she knows the gift He has given her. A little old Russian couple have been coming to our church for the last few months. They don’t speak any English. I think they live near the church and they walk to it. Well, Jessica visits with them and encourages them. The woman’s eyes well up with tears when Jessica is talking to her. I think she loves to hear her own language, which I can completely understand. Anyway, I have told Jessica that this is how she can give back to God. She is there for this couple to help them and encourage them. My heart is full.

Jessica Rose

School Lunches (Onion Dogs)

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With four lunches to make every morning I’m trying to find easy and tasty sandwiches to make.    One of the lunches has to be particularly fortified as my son is playing Freshman football.  He is hungry all the time!!!  This week we are having turkey hot dogs and grilled onions all on a French baguette.  They are a huge hit.  This mom is so thankful!!!!

Onion Dog

Time Goes By…

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Gee, does time fly.  The girls have been home for one year now.  One year!!!!  An incredible year.  They are growing and thriving and living wonderful lives.  They love going to school and they love going to church and they love all of their family.  Christmas was very special with lots of family coming into town.  The girls were simply jubilant!!!  You can tell they love their lives.  We love them.  God has done marvelous things in all of our lives.  Praise Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karina and the Jack O'Lanterns

All Dressed Up For Halloween!!! What Beauties!!!!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!!!

Breakfast in a Cookie

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Here is a recipe that people have been asking me for.  I was looking for something that was fast and easy in the morning and good for you too.  I hope you like it.   My family does!!!



My Three Princesses

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On Saturday my oldest son got married.  My husband Jim did the ceremony.  It was an amazing day.  One of my favorite things about the day was getting ready for the wedding.  I had hired a girl from our church who does hair to come and help us get ready.  It was wonderful.  She showed up early in the morning and got to work.  The girls loved it.  They watched every little thing she did.  They were so interested in everything.  It was cute.  It was just a great time of mother daughter bonding.  I loved it!!!!!!!


Ian is a Married Man

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It is Sunday morning and I am tired.  Yesterday was Ian and Ariana’s wedding.  Such a beautiful, God glorifying evening.  Words cannot express how special it was.  4565_559818876520_19912523_33073963_6881058_n

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